VITAQUEST is a world leader in custom contract manufacturing of dietary supplements. Since 1977 we have been servicing hundreds of leading companies from all marketing segments in more than 40 countries worldwide. Our proven ability to combine advanced nutrition science and innovative technologies with proprietary delivery systems and a wide range of packaging options will provide your products with unique flair, differentiation, and higher perceived value.

More than just manufacturing services
We can offer our customers complete turnkey solutions, including product concepts, formulation, GMP manufacturing, laboratory services, package and label design, regulatory compliance support and assistance in marketing and merchandising.
Fully Certified
VitaQuest is a fully compliant GMP manufacturing and packaging facility. We are duly licensed and are regularly inspected by FDA and other governmental and independent authorities. Our facilities are also approved by leading Kosher, Halal and Organic certifying bodies.

Manufacturing flexibility
We are proud of our long-standing relationships with many of the industry’s largest, most well-established and highly regarded names. We also take special pride in helping new companies to successfully enter the dietary supplements marketplace. For this reason, we have designed our facilities for high throughput on process equipment of all scales. This allows us the flexibility of meeting the needs of our smallest and largest clients.
Innovation by design
The creation of innovative products is a complex affair, and we always aim to make the process easy and hassle-free for our clients. We invite our customers to participate with our cross-functional design teams which may include representatives from Marketing, Regulatory Affairs, Product Development, Quality Assurance, Operations, Graphic Arts, and ingredient and component vendors.
Unmatched Product Development Expertise
Our experienced and knowledgeable Product Development team has unparalleled expertise in the formulation and development of dietary supplements in a wide variety of dosage forms and delivery systems. Leveraging the latest advances and hot concepts in nutrition science, our team selects from a palette of more than 1200 ingredients to create more than 2,000 new custom products every year.

<strong>Manufacturing Capabilities</strong>

We manufacture a variety of solid dosage forms in our 300,000+ sq. ft. state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facilities.

Tablets: We produce compressed tablets on high-speed equipment in a wide variety of forms, including chewables, bi-layers, quick-melts, sublinguals, effervescents, and extended release, including our proprietary patented Phased Control® time release. We specialize in advanced high-tech tablet coatings – including pearlescent, high-gloss and metallic finishes – for a unique and elegant look. We feature a wide range of natural coating colors.

  • Hard Shell Capsules: Our modern, high-speed encapsulators can produce gelatin, kosher, and vegetarian capsules in all sizes.
  • Powders: With 14 blenders ranging in size from 100 kg to 4,000 kg, we can easily handle powdered nutritional products on any scale.
  • Effervescents: Our proprietary effervescent stabilization technology allows us to produce a wide range of tablets and powders that can add “fizz” to your products
  • Liquids and topicals (creams, lotions, cosmeceuticals) are also available through our sister company, Celmark Hydroceuticals

Packaging Capabilities An appealing package can be an excellent and cost effective way to build value into your dietary supplement product. VITAQUEST offers a wide variety of packaging and filling options to make your product stand out from the crowd. We can even offer in-house Graphic Design services to make the process even easier.

  • Bottles
    • HDPE, PETE, glass
    • Wide range of sizes, colors, shapes
    • Regular and shrink labeling
  • Canisters
  • Jars, jugs and tubs
  • Unit dose pouches (packets, sachets)
  • Stick packs
  • Vials
  • Tubes
  • Blister cards
    • vacuum-formed PVC or PVDC/foil
    • cold-formed aluminum/aluminum
  • Modified atmosphere packaging (nitrogen, inert gas) for oxygen/moisture sensitive products
  • Kit and display assembly
  • Application of stickers, hang tags, UPC Codes, etc