The VITAQUEST Quality Control Laboratory performs analytical testing of raw materials, in-process samples, and finished goods in a cGMP /GLP compliant facility.  Our team of qualified and experienced scientists is devoted towards providing fast turnaround times and reliable results.


Chemistry Capabilities


► USP/NF, BP, AOAC, in-house, and client supplied methods are utilized.

Tests Performed

► Vitamin and Dietary Supplement Assays

Dissolution and Disintegration according to USP and compendia procedures.

► Elemental analysis of minerals

► Physical Testing including Partial Size, Friability, Hardness, and Weight Variation.

► Moisture analysis via Loss on Drying and Karl Fischer techniques.

► Identification via spectroscopy

► Wet Chemical Analysis

► Organic Volatile Impurities (OVI)

► Pesticides Analysis

► Heavy Metals Testing for various Regulatory Compliance


► HPLC / UPLC systems equipped with UV/VIS, PDA, RI, and ELSD detectors.

► UPLC /MS/MS system with ESI and APCI modes.

► GC system with PID,FID, ECD, detection and headspace auto sampling.

► FTIR and NIR spectroscopy systems

► ICP /MS – inductively coupled plasma spectroscopy

► Automated Disintegration and Dissolution apparatus

► Automated Titration equipment

► Automated Moisture Determination equipment

Microbiology Capabilities


► USP/NF, BP, AOAC, FDA-BAM, and client supplied methods are utilized.

Tests Performed

► Microbial Limits

► Probiotic Assays

► Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing (AEI)

► Tests for Specified Organisms

► Water and Environmental Monitoring


► Viteck automated Microbial Identification System

► Tempo automated Microbial Assay system

Additional Laboratory Services

► Stability Testing according to ICH guidelines and customized storage conditions.

► Method Development and Validation

► Technology transfer of analytical methodology.

Facility and Staff

► State-of-the-Art laboratory staffed with 20+ highly qualified professionals all with extensive industry experience.

► Integrated LIMS system