Vitaquest Dietary supplement ManufacturerIf you’re looking for a Dietary supplement manufacturer, or to develop a unique custom formulation, VITAQUEST is your ideal partner. As a world leader in custom contract manufacturing since 1977, we have been servicing hundreds of leading companies from all market segments in more than 40 countries worldwide. Our proven ability to combine advanced nutrition science and innovative technologies with proprietary delivery systems and a wide range of packaging options will provide your products with unique flair, differentiation, and higher perceived value.
VITAQUEST is recognized for outstanding quality in more than 40 countries worldwide. Our manufacturing facilities operate under strict FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Kosher, Halal and organic-certified, we have been audited and approved by leading independent bodies as well as by governmental health authorities worldwide.

VITAQUEST is responsive to your needs. As a truly full-service dietary supplement manufacturer, we give fair and equal attention to clients both large and small. Our dedicated Customer Service professionals will efficiently accommodate your requests in a timely and friendly manner. In emergencies, our high capacity allows us to react and respond with great agility. Whether you have a tight deadline or a suddenly accelerated requirement for product, we will make it our business to keep you in business.

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