VITAQUEST is a fully compliant GMP manufacturing and packaging facility.

We are duly licensed and are regularly inspected by State and Federal health authorities. Additionally, we undergo frequent GMP audits by our premier clients, who confirm our GMP compliance either with their own teams or by engaging independent auditors.

Our reputation for quality extends around the world to clients in 35 countries. We are one of a select group of manufacturers to have received certification and approval from Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). As dietary supplements for the Australian market must be manufactured to pharmaceutical standards, TGA approval is the ultimate confirmation of superior quality.

Regulatory Assistance

Since the passage of the Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act in 1994, regulatory compliance has become increasingly complex. Our knowledgeable Regulatory Affairs and Information Services team can provide valuable assistance to help you to avoid costly errors. We offer the following services, at no extra charge:

► Full label review – ensures accuracy and regulatory compliance

► International registration assistance — we provide and coordinate all required documentation

► Formula modifications — to adapt to the requirements of each country

► Full-time Health Canada consultant — to keep pace with the rapidly changing regulatory environment

► Full service testing, including microbiological and stability studies


Quality Assurance:

The Quality Assurance Department has broad responsibilities and authority in the following areas:

►     Quality Improvement — Quality improvement is based on the premise that all work activities can be planned, performed, measured, and improved. QA monitors our progress toward our corporate goal of building a culture in which improvement is continuous and an integral part of the organization.

►     Personnel GMP Training and Qualification — all employees who come into contact with our products must begin GMP training within the first month of employment. GMP training continues on a regular basis throughout the length of employment. Tests are given to monitor the effectiveness of training.

►     Internal Audits— QA inspectors monitor all phases of production to assess performance and adherence to GMP and to the SOPs of each department.

►     External Audits— QA oversees and supervises inspections and audits of our facilities by domestic and international regulatory bodies, as well as by customers and independent auditing firms.

►     Supplier Qualification — VITAQUEST maintains an audit program to verify our suppliers’ ability to provide consistent products that meet our strict quality requirements.

►     Document and Record Control — QA is responsible for maintaining all documents, records and Standard Operating Procedures, making sure that they are up to date.

►     Inspection and Acceptance Testing — QA has the authority to release and reject any component or finished product that does not meet specifications.

►     Non-Conformances — QA handles the identification, documentation, control, investigation and disposition of all non-conforming materials, components and final products.

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