Assuring a greener future             

At VITAQUEST, we believe that the key to sustainability is being less wasteful with materials and energy, and we have taken significant steps to reduce our environmental impact. For example, the majority of our corrugated packaging materials are now derived from 100% recycled content, and we recycle our waste materials as well, thereby saving thousands of trees each year. We have installed energy efficient lighting with motion detector switches throughout our facilities, with a savings of hundreds of thousands of kilowatt hours.

We are especially proud to have recently launched a 418.6 kilowatt (kW) solar energy system at our corporate headquarters in New Jersey. The 1,820 panel system will produce enough energy to power over 35 average size residential homes every year. This is equivalent to recycling over 8 million cans of soda, planting 30,000 trees and taking 52 cars off the road every year.

As Keith Frankel, VITAQUEST’s President & Chief Executive Officer remarked, “Environmental sustainability and human health are two critical areas for our company. The size and scale of this solar energy system will enable us to offset a significant portion of our building’s electricity needs. Together with our other ongoing environmental sustainability initiatives, solar energy will allow us to greatly reduce our carbon footprint, assuring a greener future for our Company.”